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What we Offer

As an alliance, we are committed to the development of evidence-informed practice in every classroom. 

Our professional development programme and local network groups bring teachers together to share effective practice and knowledge

Final - Chartered Status CPD Partner (1)

The Scarborough Teaching Alliance and Coast and Vale Learning Trust are working in partnership with the Chartered College of Teaching. 

 Over the past few years Scarborough Teaching Alliance and the Chartered College of Teaching have worked together to provide the Chartered Teacher Programme for local colleagues and we are happy to report 100% success rate. 

The Scarborough Teaching Alliance CTeach team are experienced in delivering support for the Chartered Teacher Programme.  

Many members of the CTeach team have successfully completed the CTeach or CTeach (Leadership) programme or have supported the programme as a mentor, facilitator, assessor or research expert.

We also have expertise in supporting the Certificate in Evidence-Informed Practice.

Chartered Teacher Status recognises the knowledge, skills and behaviours of highly accomplished teachers and school leaders, focusing on developing and recognising high-quality teaching.

Each Chartered Teacher assessment unit has been purposefully developed to enable you to showcase your expertise in a meaningful way, aligned with your own needs, role, career stage and school context.

Undertaking the assessment units will help you to:

  • deepen and demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of evidence-informed policy and practice, assessment, curriculum and pedagogy
  • develop and apply your understanding of how to engage critically with educational research
  • understand how teachers develop their practice and what effective professional learning looks like
  • undertake an inquiry project in an area of your choice, to gain deeper insights into your teaching or leadership practices, with the ultimate aim to improve outcomes for the pupils you work with
  • evaluate the impact of your practice and reflect on your professional learning at key points.


Upon completion of all assessment units and following successful application, you will be conferred with Chartered Teacher Status.  As a celebrated Chartered Teacher, you will be entitled to use the postnominals ‘CTeach’

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