School Support


What we offer

Our alliance provides school to school support packages which ensure that schools develop and build on their own distinctive ethos and culture.

We provide support by working openly, collaboratively and in a non-judgemental way, celebrating the strengths of supported schools.

We set clear and responsibilities. School brokering support control the content and delivery of the support package.  Any statutory role played by the local authority is separated from the Alliance’s support. People making judgements will not be asked to provide support other than through the Alliance.

We have an ongoing commitment to supporting the growth of system leaders by providing shadowing and mentoring opportunities for aspiring schools.

We support and develop outstanding teachers and leaders who can demonstrate unrivalled provision for children and young people in their own schools and who can, in turn, support other schools to improve their own capacity for development.

To deliver support, we draw on the capacity of alliance schools, particularly our Specialist Leaders in Education (SLEs), Local Leaders in Education (LLEs) and System Leaders.

Attendance Network Support

Along with The Opportunity Area, Scarborough Teaching Alliance are to facilitate a network to help improve attendance in schools across the area.


The network will be comprised of Attendance Leads from primary and secondary schools, representatives from the Department for Education and partner agencies including Early Help, Community Police Officers, and the Local Authority.


In the future you will be invited to attend networking events offering you the chance to meet and liaise with other Attendance Leads to discuss general issues as well as develop collaborative approaches to supporting shared families.  Networking events will also include round tables, case studies and updates from relevant services.

Here is the link for a Google form, it would be really useful if you could complete as soon as possible so that we can begin to collate relevant information. in order to facilitate networking opportunities and share with you, helpful contact details, best practice ideas and general attendance related updates and research.


The first face to face event is provisionally booked for Thursday 31st March 2022 1pm - 3pm At Newby & Scalby Primary School- get it in your diary now!


By signing up now, you will join a network of schools who are working together to improve attendance and have a shared desire to address barriers to attendance.


We are aware that factors affecting attendance will differ across schools, as such we would be grateful if you, or the person best placed to, could complete the attached form to enable us to ensure that the network is tailored to best meet the needs of the group.