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As an alliance, we are committed to the development of evidence-informed practice in every classroom. 

Our professional development programme and local network groups bring teachers together to share effective practice and knowledge across our schools.


We are proud to announce that Scarborough Teaching Alliance has been designated as one of only 11 successful providers to support the delivery of the Chartered College of Teaching, Chartered Teacher Programme (CTeach)

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Chartered College of Teaching Network

In an exciting new partnership with the Chartered College of Teaching (CCT), we have formed new development network for local teachers which aims to Improve outcomes for children by engaging in research.

During 2018/19, a small number of local teachers will be invited to learn about developing their own practice by engaging in research.From 2019 onwards the outcomes of the pilot project will be shared and the project extended to enable more teachers to benefit.

The new network is evaluating impact based on improved outcomes for children (documented in individual research projects). It will also assess teacher motivation to engage in research and the growth of a culture of research-informed practice.

Network results will be disseminated by publishing small scale research findings and through a local ResearchMeet event to share results.

To find out more contact:  Sarah Kirkham>>